Cheers to the Sunshine

After the longest winter ever and what has been a very slow starting summer, I feel like this weekend was the first in a long time where I fully believed that the season of sunshine was finally upon us.

Ryan, Wallace and I went with my mom, her boyfriend and my brothers to Lake of the Woods this past weekend for some sunshine and relaxation at a friend’s island. It was perfect and very much needed! We drove out in two cars on Friday afternoon and got home Sunday night. I am still drained from all the sun two days later, but you won’t hear me complaining! I’m a prairie girl for sure, and I refuse to complain about the super hot weather that we get 8 weeks a year when we spend six months bundled up against the snow and wind.

Stocked up at the LCBO - no room for Grant in the car!

Stocked up at the LCBO – no room for Grant in the car!

Because of the crazy cold winter we had, the ice stayed on the lake for a lot longer then usual and the friends we were visiting didn’t get to go out to their cabin for the first time until May long weekend! The water is crazy high out there right now (and also, a lot colder then usual). Lots of people lost their docks or they are just sitting under water. We had to wade through the lake to get out on to the boat to go out to the island (much to Wallace’s dismay and discomfort), because the water has just taken over the perimeter of most waterfront properties. Actually, when we were swimming on Saturday Jackson and Thomas had to pull this giant tree from the water:


When we were out there we celebrated my mom’s upcoming 50th birthday by spoiling her all day Saturday. We annoyed the crap out of her by not letting her clean up or get her own drink or serve her own food. We decorated the cabin in the morning, spent the day on the dock and made a fantastical dinner that night. My mom was thrilled!


Of course, the dogs loved being off leash all weekend. Wallace had a blast hanging out on the dock chasing bugs (so many black flies!! Ouch Charlie!) And Michelle was once again the dog whisperer – Oscar and Wallace never run from her and always love snuggling with her. It’s especially weird for Wallace, since he is always so skittish and anti-social with most people.


We did a little boating on Sunday, but other then that we were just fans of going back and forth between the lake and the hot tub. Beers and some sort of food were always in hand – there really isn’t much to complain about out here!!




And as always, Sunday evening came too quickly and we all had to pile in the boat and head for home. The weekend in the sun came at a great time for me, since Ryan and I have a couple weeks off coming up and I’ve been working extra hard at work to make sure everything is taken care of while I’m away. Now I’m looking forward to next week when I’m off for two whole weeks (I’ve never taken such a long work vacation before)! Our summers are too short here, so it’s best to take advantage of the great weather while it’s here.

Happy Tuesday!


Setting The Date… Not.

*hang my head in shame*

I am not a good blogger. Other then the fact that I have zero theme or expertise to share on this whole WWW, I don’t even to take the time to write about how I do not know about these things.

I had an excuse for awhile there. I was taking a class in a condensed (why does that word not look right? Did I spell it wrong? I’m making a face at the computer screen.) semester. But then that was finished June 30th, so, what’s the big deal, Allison?

You would think “oh hey, maybe she’s busy planning her WEDDING!!” But nope. That is also not happening. We’re kind of just enjoying being engaged. And literally every single person I talk to asks me the big ‘ol question like, once a day: “Soooooo, have you set a date?!” and they do it with crazy eyes.

It’s weird. I’ve been dreaming about my wedding day since I was five years old. The past two years I’ve been bugging Ryan about getting engaged. And now I have this (so gosh darn beautiful) ring on my finger, and I’m kinda “meh” about the whole thing. Not that I don’t want to be married to my favourite person in the whole wide world, but more that I don’t want to plan a wedding. Setting a date sounds incredibly daunting. So I just avoid it.

Of course, we have ideas about how we want to go about this. I’d like to maybe get married next fall, September would be nice. It’s lovely weather here at that time of the year. And the idea would be, small wedding & reception with maybe 20-25 guests that costs as little as possible, while not looking ridiculously cheap, and then Ryan and I jet away to Europe for a month for the trip of a lifetime.

The venue and guest list are both throwing me off. The venue being that I don’t want to spend a ton of money, I want to get married outside (under a tree… covered in fairy lights… at night time…) and I don’t want to have to pay for a plan B location. The guest list is hard because Ryan and I both come from pretty large, mixed families and we also have a couple different groups of friends. This means that we’ve come to the conclusion of we invite everybody or nobody. You can’t leave some people out, so we’re just choosing to not invite any friends and only immediate family. Every time we get stuck on whether or not to invite somebody, we ask ourselves a series of questions: “Why don’t we elope? Because we want this person to be there” and then we list who would need to be there (parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, you know. The immediate people). Anyways, we’re afraid we may end up creating tension within the family (well, I am, Ryan really doesn’t care. He’s better at this then I am).

I guess I just have to keep remembering that this is our wedding and we have to do what we want. If we want to blow a wedding budget on a trip then that’s what we should do.

So yeah. Those are just some thoughts. I basically puked first-world wedding complaints all over your computer screen, so, you’re welcome.

Does anybody have any advice on planning a wedding without becoming sooooo daunted with the task? Is anybody planning a wedding right now? Will someone please help me so I don’t crawl into a corner and pluck my hair out? I don’t know how much Ryan would want to marry me if I did that.

Currently Overplaying

I couldn’t pick just one song to share with you, and since I’m much to busy finishing my semester to include a real post, here are the songs I’ve been overplaying in my attempt to stay motivated and finish writing this crazy final paper:

You’re The One That I Want – Angus & Julia Stone

Sexual Healing – Ben Harper

Partition – Beyoncé

Skinny Love – Bon Iver

Sideways – Citizen Cope

Poison & Wine – The Civil Wars

I Will Keep The Bad Things From You – The Damnwells

Youth – Daughter

Dog Days Are Over – Florence and the Machine

Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye

Work Song – Hozier

Take Me To Church – Hozier (you can just go ahead and add both of his EPs on iTunes to your list of musts, because he is a MUST)

XO – John Mayer

Stubborn Love – The Lumineers

Resolution – Matt Corby

Three More Days – Ray LaMontagne

Riptide – Vance Joy

Only Love – Ben Howard

Call Your Girlfriend – Lucy Wainwright Roche



Looking forward to the Canada Day Long Weekend!!! Cheers!