A No-Mess-Pumpkin

This is a post with one picture of a finished product because I’m not bloggy enough to take progress photos. I didn’t even take photos of what I used – what a lazy blog host I am.

Anyways, Ryan’s family likes to get together every year to carve pumpkins – it’s a family tradition of theirs. Harry (Ryan’s dad) goes out and buys the best six pumpkins he can find the week before Halloween and we pick a day and go to their place, have dinner and carve the pumpkins. It is a lovely tradition… unfortunately I hate hate carving pumpkins. I don’t know what my deal is.

So this year I was told that I had to participate (in the past both Brian, Ryan’s brother-in-law, and I have rejected this tradition and been bums), and so I had to get creative. I told them that, while they were welcome to gut my pumpkin if they wanted the guts for seed roasting, I would not be touching that gunk and I would not be getting a claw hand from using one of those dinky knives. BUT I would participate.

Me and creativity don’t usually jive, so I went to Martha for some advice. I found a lot of ideas no-carve pumpkins and decided that I would use white thumb tacks to make a ghost (paper! snow! a ghost!) on my pumpkin and it will be lovely and creative all at once.

Then, like the well organized and Halloween enthused person that I am, waited until the day we had planned to carve pumpkins to go to Staples on my lunch hour to pick up my supplies: the ever elusive white thump tacks. Apparently said thumb tacks do not exist according to Staples, Shoppers Drug Mart, or even Michael’s. Well. I then did what any normal person would do and picked up two boxes of silver thumb tacks (that’s 400 thumb tacks…. why?) and went back to work and pouted for the rest of the afternoon.

I didn’t think that a silver ghost would have the same effect so after work on our way to Ryan’s parent’s house we stopped at Michael’s and I browsed their craft paint. I was thinking maybe I could do a monogram with my silver thumb tacks, but that I should probably paint the pumpkin first just to make my life more complicated just to be more creative. So I hemmed and hawed over the purchase of some chalk board craft (for a nice matte finish), outdoor craft paint (because we tend to have some crazy Halloween weather of rain and snow and hail) or just plain old craft paint. I picked the latter for the sole purpose of it being soap & water washable and the fact that we were going to Ryan’s parent’s house to paint and they have nice things that I didn’t want to ruin.

So I painted it using black Craft Smart acrylic craft paint (25% off!). And then I took a pencil and sketched a “B” onto my pumpkin (my future last name initial!) and used some of my thumb tacks (didn’t even use 100 of them – why did I buy so many thumb tacks??!) to follow the outline. I overlapped them a bit so it wouldn’t look too disjointed. My finishing touch was the clearance Halloween ribbon that I impulse purchased for $1.00 at Michael’s (did I tell you there was a sale??) and I “tied” it around the stem. To be honest, I cheated because I don’t know how to tie a bow. I used some of those handy dandy over abundant thumb tacks and pinned what sort of looks like a bow with the purple, sparkly ribbon.

So, after 600+ words I will show you my (not really) Pinterest-worthy No-Mess Halloween Pumpkin:


That’s about all the Halloweenie I get around here, folks. I guess I use up all my festive-ness on the Christmas season ;)

Ooo! I lied. Here is a SECOND photo that is kind of/sort of Halloween themed:


Because what’s a post on The Nuts of Windermere without a glimpse at our signature nut himself, Wallace!!??

Engagement Photos!

I know I haven’t posted in forever and a day, but this final semester is killing me. Just a little over a month left until I’m finished my degree and I won’t have anything to complain about anymore ;)

In the mean time, I thought I’d share our engagement photos that I’m totally in love with. Ryan, Wallace & I had a session with our wedding photographer a few weeks ago and I’m so happy with how they turned out! It makes me that much more excited for our wedding next year! (10 months 23 days!)

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All photos shot by Aly of Victoria Anne Photography

Wedding Update

So. Since I last posted Ryan and I have booked a date, venue for both the reception and ceremony, as well as a photographer.

We will be married on Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 7:00 in the evening. Our wedding will be a stand up reception with an open bar and dessert table. We were originally hoping for a very small wedding of maybe 25 guests, but of course it’s now turned into around 85 people (and that’s still leaving out a ton of family who apparently expect to be invited even though we never see or hear from them). Our budget is small, since we’re paying for the majority of it ourselves, but I think we’ll still be able to accomplish the romantic, intimate, low key evening wedding I’m imagining.


That’s our venue in the two pictures in the top left corner. We’ll get married in front of the fireplace there, since it will be evening, but the outside will be all lit up so it’ll be lovely to look outside at the park’s pond outside. I’m loving lots of gold and candles to get that intimate/romantic feel. I think incorporating sparklers somewhere in our wedding would be a unique touch and especially fitting for an evening wedding.

For a dress I’m looking for something in white, but informal. I’ve gravitated towards a lot of the shorter dresses like the ones in the bottom left and top right, but I’m not opposed to a longer dress that is more flow-y (does that word make sense?). I am loving those Kate Spade MRS earrings and think they will be worth the splurge. And that hair style in the middle on the right? Classic, low key, but romantic and beautiful. Love it so much!

A burgundy/plum will be our accent colour, and I think it’ll look great in our flowers. I’m hoping to decorate without flowers to save costs, but I’ll still have mine and my maid of honour’s bouquets, as well as boutonnieres for Ryan and his best man.

For favors I was thinking smore kits will be the way to go to fit with the dessert theme. Originally we were going to do Ryan’s homemade meat rub (it’s so darn good and really great on chicken or beef), but I didn’t think it worked.

So far wedding planning has been kind of a drag. I feel an immense pressure to get it right after dreaming about my wedding since I was a little girl, and I think I’m just afraid I won’t be happy with my final result. I realize that this is not why I am getting married, so I think I just have to work at being positive and not letting other people’s opinions on our untraditional wedding get into my head.


We are getting our engagement photos done next Friday and I’m hoping the pretty leaves stay on the trees until then. Last week we had unseasonably warm temperatures out of the blue (think 30+ degrees, hello July!) but this week we’re back into cold sweater weather and lots of overcast. I just have to cross my fingers that we’ll get a couple nice photos of Ryan, Wallace and I out of it!

Ryan and I also celebrated our last anniversary as a dating couple on the 26th by spending the day together (after I finished a paper that was due that night), going to the gym and then out for a lovely dinner at a new restaurant. We never go out anymore and thought about not going this year just because we’re so strapped for cash at the moment (Weddings? Expensive. Basement repairs? Expensive. Upcoming birthdays and Christmas? Expensive.) but we decided to go anyways as a treat and I’m glad we did.

Anyways, that’s enough about our wedding. We’ve done a couple of updates to the house in the past month as well, so I’ll have to come back and write about that another day. Tomorrow is Wallace’s birthday, so that’s kind of a big deal around our house.

Anybody else planning a wedding? Did anybody else have an untraditional wedding and feel like they disappointed everyone? Am I being ridiculous and overdramatic?