Christmas Recap


As you may or may not already know, Christmas is my favourite time of year. My final exam was finished December 3rd and I got to spend the rest of the month prepping for the most wonderful season of the year – sending out Christmas cards, decorating the tree, singing along to my Christmas playlist on Spotify, wrapping gifts, watching all my favourite holiday movies, making lots of holiday treats and just generally being excited for life! Ryan is such a good sport :)



I made these place cards for my mom’s big Christmas Day dinner using some branches I cut from one of the trees in my backyard. They were suuuuuper easy, looked cute, and lasted a few days so I was able to complete them a couple of days before Christmas!

On Christmas Eve Ryan and I picked up my brother Grant and made our way to my Auntie Leanne & Uncle Dave’s house for a big dinner/drop in/pickies/appys/drinks thing with a bunch of people from both Leanne’s and Dave’s sides of the family. My mom and her boyfriend came. My grandparents were there. It was a really lovely to-do (just to bad that it seemed everybody was fighting a cold!). We spent a few hours there, ate some food, drank some wine and had lots of merry conversations!

Grant, Me, and Jackson

Grant, Me, and Jackson

Ryan and Grandma

Ryan and Grandma

Uncle Dave, my mom, and I

Uncle Dave, my mom, and I

Denis, Jackson and Grant

Denis, Jackson and Grant

Ryan, Grant and I left Leanne & Dave’s to go back to our house where Grant would be staying over as we had an early morning the next day. The three of us hung out, had some more drinks, prepped for the next day’s breakfast, and watched A Christmas Story (a Reid family tradition)!

Christmas morning was sort of new for our family – we have never NOT had my mom’s Christmas morning wife saver at her table. This year, to take some pressure off of her since she was hosting a big dinner that night, Ryan and I had breakfast at our house instead. My brothers and I are notoriously pumped for Christmas morning and even now as we’re adults, we cannot help but get up bright and early! This year I actually slept in until 7:30, which is right when my mom and Jackson showed up! Whoops!!


We had a lovely morning giving each other gifts and drinking our coffee (Ryan made homemade Bailey’s for vacation coffee and we’ll never go back!!)

Nobody looks good in this picture - it's hilarious!

Nobody looks good in this picture – it’s hilarious!


After breakfast we hung out for awhile (and Jackson slept), before my mom headed home to prep for her dinner and the four of us made our way to my dad’s house for another brunch with him, his girlfriend, and my grandparents. I didn’t take any pictures apparently!

Grant again came back to Ryan and I’s with us where we hung out, tried to nap, did some more cooking for that night’s dinner (Ryan made a egg nog cheese cake from scratch!!), and drank more mimosas.

Grant got Ryan in the gift exchange this year and bought him a hardcore food processor, so the two of them were pretty pumped to test it out with some random veggies (once they figured out how to turn it on – it was quite the ordeal).


Once we were sort of rested we went to my mom’s house for dinner where some more family were hanging out and celebrating :) Again, I forgot to take any photos here, except for this one where Wallace and Oscar exchanged brotherly gifts.


After dinner and dessert and more gifts and lots of conversation again the three of us headed out but this time we let Grant go home. Ryan and I were able to get a full sleep and Boxing Day was our last day of Christmas-y celebrations!

We went to Ryan’s parent’s house for dinner and we made pizzas, played board games, watched the World Junior’s game, and opened more gifts. Wallace was beginning to grow tired of all the socialization that comes with Christmas.


Christmas with baby Jackson is so much more fun now that he’s a little older and gets excited about new gifts. He did a really good job of passing out gifts to everybody, although he think his Auntie Allison and Auntie Kayla are the same two people haha




All in all, we had such a lovely couple of days. No matter how busy we are, it’s nice to see and feel all this love. We are very blessed!